The Greater Kankakee Airport is the largest airport serving the South Chicago area. Only an hour drive from Chicago, and situated along Interstate 57 at exit 308, the airport is far enough away from the busy skies, yet close enough to be easily accessible.


The airport has the following amenities:



  • Two runways, 4-22 which is 6000′ long by 100′ wide and 16-34 which is 4400′ long by 75′ wide
  • Precision ILS approach 108.70 MHZ
  • VOR-DME located on the field
  • Automated Weather Observation System 128.745 MHZ
  • FAA automated flight service station
  • IFR clearance on ground 132.50 MHZ
  • High intensity pilot controlled lighting
  • MALSR on ILS Runway 4
  • REIL on VOR/ GPS Runway 22
  • Over 120 aircraft storage hangars each ranging from 1040 – 4200 square feet
  • Unicom 123.0 MHZ


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